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Being at the top of a mountain on a glorious day can still be chilly around the nose, ears and mouth. On a marginal day, where the snow is good but the weather's not, a mask or balaclava can make the difference between a pleasant time and a miserable one. More importantly, they can also reduce the risk of frostbite and windburn.

Modern ski face masks are designed to be lightweight and breathable. They are made of durable fibers which wick away moisture while keeping you warm. If you associate balaclava ski masks with your childhood and remember breathing through a blanket of damp, hairy wool as you plowed through a blizzard, the ski masks on offer today from the likes of Line, Serius and Turtle Fur will be even more of a treat.

    Advantages of modern ski masks include:
  • Lightweight – easy to stuff in a pocket
  • Thin but warm
  • Wicking away moisture
  • Wide range of shapes and styles available
  • Stylish and attractive fabrics
  • Easy-care, machine washable fabrics
  • Durable, long-lasting materials

Ski face masks

Extremities are most at risk from frostbite, and while hands and feet are snug in gloves and boots, your nose and mouth are often left to fend for themselves. Masks provide the extra coverage your face needs on a cold day while still letting you breathe easily and comfortably. There are an enormous number of ski face masks available today, but sadly they don't all provide the levels of comfort and warmth which they advertise. At Bob's Sports Chalet, we've carefully selected our stock and supply top brands including: Line, Serius Ski Face Masks and Turtle Fur. We offer a choice of colors, styles, and sizes where available, including options for children and adults.

Balaclava ski masks

Balaclavas combine a hat, neckwarmer and face mask in one, giving you seamless protection from the elements. With no gaps for snow to get down the back of your neck, they're ideal protection against winds, snowstorms, and sneaky siblings. Lightweight options can easily be stuffed in a pocket when not required and also fit under helmets, making them a great choice for kids and advanced skiers or boarders alike. Serius Ski Face Masks do an extensive selection of balaclava ski masks, so you can choose the cut and fit which suits you; from a classic open-faced look to a sculpted ski face mask with breathing space.

Multi-purpose ski masks

Many ski masks are designed to be multipurpose, serving double, triple or even quadruple duty. For example, the Line skis Tooby is a flexible, one-size-fits-most tube which can be worn as a neckwarmer, as a ski face mask, or even folded into a beanie or do-rag. As well as providing you with choice and flexibility on the slopes, masks like these also work well in other outdoor situations. Whether hiking on a cold day or cycling to work in the winter, you can pull out your ski mask and stay warm and snug.

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