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Junior Skis

Skiing is fun for the whole family, and children enjoy skiing with their parents, siblings and friends from a young age. At Bob's Sports Chalet, we're proud to help kids and parents be more active together, particularly when they can explore our wonderful natural landscape at the same time. We offer a comprehensive selection of junior skis for children of all ages from toddlers to teens, as well as kids' boots, poles and ski wear.

Volkl Revolt Jr Flat Skis 20/21 Boys'
Volkl Revolt Jr Flat Skis 20/21 Boys'

1 Color Available

Volkl Rtm Jr. Skis Youth

Choosing kids skis
Many of the same concerns apply to junior skis as to choosing adult skis. It's important to choose skis in the right height range, and it's better to choose kids skis to fit the child as they are, rather than choosing skis to grow into. Skis that are too long are hard to control and can make children (and adults) miserable on the slopes, as well as increasing the risk of accidents. As children's growth patterns are unpredictable, skis to grow into are often too long one year and too short the next, making it hard for the child in question to develop as a skier.

Flex and toughness are particularly important in junior skis, as children have proportionally less mass and less muscle. This means that they usually do better with skis that are easy to turn and maneuver.

It's also important to be honest with yourself and your child about what kind of skiing you expect them to be doing most of the time. If you child is on a ski team and stepping up to slalom this year, then it makes sense to invest in racing skis. However, if you'll mostly be skiing groomed slopes with the whole family, including younger siblings, then good all mountain junior skis are a better choice.

Choose kids skis they’ll love
Children, like adults, are attracted to particular patterns or colors. We strongly recommend choosing skis that your kids are excited about. Even on days with great weather, there will be plenty of moments that kids don't enjoy, whether it's a taking a tumble on the bunny slopes or hauling their skis to the lift. Junior skis they've chosen themselves and care for can help them work past the rough patches, not only by learning the sport but also by taking care of their own equipment.

Youth skis
As children grow into tweens and teens, skiing changes. They often start to ski faster and better than their parents, and take more risks. At this point, young skiers may move into the adult ski ranges or they may stick with youth skis. In either case, it becomes more important to choose skis that suit the child and the type of skiing they do, whether that's cruising the groomed slopes, tackling powder with you or learning tricks in the snow park. At Bob's Sports Chalet, we have a comprehensive range of skis for teens and young adults, from twin tipped freestyle skis to powder skis to all mountain skis. If you're looking for downhill ski deals we're stocked with anything you need. For the steezy park kids we have twin tipped skis.For the adults we have men's and womens ski boots to fit any foot shape. For the diehard skier we recommend looking at Volkl skis or Rossignol skis. If you like cruising groomers a pair of K2 skis may be more your speed. If you're more of a powder hound check out Blizzard skis and Nordica skis. For the park guys and girls we have Armada skis and Line skis, including the popular Line Chronic skis. Stay protected with POC ski helmets and goggles.

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