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In the 19th century, boots were made by hand, and tailored to fit. With a wide range of modern women's ski boots to choose from, Bob's Sport Chalet aims to find you a pair of boots which fit as though they had been made for you.

We are a major Salomon women's ski boot dealer, and have a strong range of new boots from major brands including Nordica, Full Tilt, Tecnica, and Rossignol.

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Why buy women's ski boots?

On average, women are smaller and lighter than men. They also, on average, have wider calves, narrower ankles and smaller feet. When fitting rigid ski boots, these small differences become crucial to ensuring a comfortable fit and good control. In downhill skiing, boots need to be well fitting around the calves, ankles and feet to ensure that the skier has good control over their skis and reduce the risk of injury. For many women, men's ski boots simply wouldn’t match the shape of their legs, leaving them tight around the calves and loose at the ankles or toes.

Women's cross country ski boots are simpler to fit, as they don't reach the calf. For women's cross country ski boots, getting the correct shoe size is usually sufficient. Don't forget to account for thick socks, if you wear them. Different brands do provide a different feel and slightly different sizing, so for serious skiers or anyone who has trouble finding comfortable shoes, we strongly recommend a visit to our store; where you can try on many different women's cross country ski boots.


Fitting women's ski boots

Ski boots should fit snugly around both calves and ankles. While men and women's legs differ on average, individuals can fall anywhere in the spectrum. If your ankles are of a similar width to your lower calves then – whether you're male or female – you should consider trying on ski boots from the men's range as well as women's ski boots.

It's best to try on ski boots if you're buying a model you haven't worn before, as the fit can vary even within a single brand. When shopping online, many skiers will choose brands they know well, as buying your third pair of Rossignol ski boots or your fourth set of Salomon women's ski boots will usually provide a reliable fit. If you don't have the opportunity to try on women's ski boots before you buy, choose a pair that features adjustable buckles. Modern boots allow for adjustments at the toe, ankle and calf that can be done by a professional boot fitter, it won't save you from a serious mismatch, but these small tweaks can make a big difference.

Women's ski boots at Bob's Sport Chalet

Because each brand, make, and models have their own unique molds, we strongly recommend visiting us in person. Here one of our expert boot fitters can talk you through the broad range of options available. Bob's Sport Chalet is based in Bristol, CT, a short drive from Hartford. We keep a wide variety of women's ski boots in stock, and our staff will be happy to discuss the differences between the brands. So whether you're buying your first pair of Nordica ski boots for a trial run on the bunny slopes, upgrading to racing Rossignol ski boots or looking for a pair of Salomon women's ski boots fit for a season of double black diamonds, we've got the stock and the expertise to find you the right gear, helping you get on the slopes as soon as you can.

If you’re looking for downhill ski deals we’re stocked with anything you need. For the steezy park kids we have twin tipped skis and for the younger kids, we have junior skis. For the diehard skier we recommend looking at Volkl skis or Rossignol skis. If you like cruising groomers a pair of K2 skis may be more your speed. If you’re more of a powder hound check out Blizzard skis and Nordica skis. For the park guys and girls we have Armada skis and Line skis, including the popular Line Chronic skis. Stay protected with POC ski helmets and goggles.

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