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Skiing, snowboarding, being out on the slopes, in the snow, on the mountain… It’s a feeling like no other, and it’s no wonder that thousands of people journey to distant regions every year to take part in which has become a huge part of their lives. It’s adventure, it’s excitement, and it is fun.

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Safety equipment is also essential for all types of winter sports. Helmets, pads, gloves, and ski goggles are all part of the incredible array of protective equipment that will ensure you come off the slopes in the condition you went on… With added enthusiasm!

Ski goggles, snow goggles, snowboard goggles, the term means the same thing: as long as it has a frame and a lens and a strap, you might be forgiven for thinking that all goggles are exactly the same. Not so. There are a number of different brands to choose from, and a huge choice of styles, colors, shapes, and technology to pick once you’ve decided who to buy from.

Take Spy goggles, for example. These ski goggles from Spy Optics are available for men, women, and junior winter sports enthusiasts, and come in enough variations to keep every family member happy. With fabulous ScoopTM anti-fogging technology, these snow goggles protect as well as provide many hours of great vision out on the slopes. Whether you are on a tight budget or you can put a little more into the pot, there will be a Spy goggle for you.

Snowboarding goggles and ski goggles are essential for safety, but they’re also useful for giving you the edge when it comes to fashion. Electric goggles are stylish and functional, and are therefore perfect for any activity you want to wear them for, and any place you want to wear them. With these ski goggles from Electric, you can wear designs favored by many a famous athlete, such as Scotty Stopnik, Trevor Andrew, James Haunt, and Sketchy Tank. See what your hero is wearing, and copy their style with Electric snow goggles.


Smith Googles

Smith goggles are for the technologically minded. Yes, they look great, and they are comfortable to wear, but when it comes to being at the forefront of future ideas and incredible invention, Smith goggles – and more specifically Smith IO Recon goggles – win out. Based off the design of the Smith IO goggles, the Smith IO Recon goggles give you the ability to see your speed, altitude, jump analytics, record your averages… You can keep track of your friends, read your texts, make phone calls, and enjoy your music playlists… And you can do it all from your incredible snowboard goggles, as these high tech Smith ski goggles give you a real time heads up view of all the information you could need.


Anon Goggles

Anon goggles or Anon optics from Burton are top of the range. They are not only stylish, but they also have unparalleled levels of value for money thanks to the Anon M1 goggles and their superb Magna-Tech lens technology. Magna-Tech means that you can easily switch lenses within the same frame, so you will have perfectly clear vision whatever the conditions, without needing a new pair of ski goggles. Simply pull the old lens out, switch to the new one, and keep skiing or snowboarding! Anon Hawkeye goggles are also superb. These slim line ski goggles incorporate anti-fogging technology, comfortable face foam, and full perimeter channel venting which means that moisture is literally pulled away from the lens. Anon optics are fully compatible with Anon helmets, and this includes the large 93mm Anon M1 goggles.


Oakley Googles

Snowboard goggles don’t come much more well known than Oakley. Oakley goggles have anti-fogging technology, protect from one hundred percent of UV rays, and have additional stunning impact protection. Start with the name, and build up to the brand – you might be surprised that there is substance under all that style. Style is important with Oakley snow goggles, and here you can find designs created by the professionals; Seth Morrison, Shaun White, and J.P. Auclair, amongst others!


Poc Ski Goggles

POC ski goggles are another fantastic brand to check out. There are twenty-three different POC styles to choose from, and each one comes with an amazing safety record and comfort level. These ski goggles use partially polarized technology to reduce glare, an anti-scratch covering, triple layer face foam, a water resistant coating, and silicone grips to ensure complete wearability.

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