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Ski poles may not seem that important and, as most beginners learn, it's certainly possible to ski without them, but they can save you from a scrape or two, and are a definite asset on a long trek back to the lift. They also allow skiers to adjust their pace, balance, and timing. You’ll never need your poles more than when you're on a challenging slope.

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At Bob's Sports Chalet, we offer an extensive selection of recreational ski poles from major brands including Rossignol skis, Salomon, Line skis and Swix. We provide a comprehensive range of sizes, allowing you to find the perfect set whether you're looking for the lightest ski poles we offer or simply want a strong pair to match your skis.


Ski Pole Size

Ski poles are carried and used at about hip height, so taller people typically require longer ones. Adults can estimate the size of pole they require by subtracting 24in from their height. A more accurate way to find the right size for you is to hold your arm at your side, with your elbow in a right angle. Your forearm should be parallel to the floor. Measure the distance between your hand and the floor and that's your ski pole size. It's easier to take the measurement if you can grip a pole or place your hand on a wall, mark the height and then measure the distance to the floor. An inch or two either way won't matter, so don't worry if your measurement doesn't quite match the options available.

Choosing ski poles

The key features of ski poles are size, weight, grip and basket. Of these, the size is dictated by your height and stance while the rest are a matter of personal preference. For many skiers, a comfortable grip is critical, but the weight and basket don't matter. As most modern poles have easy to use, comfortable grips, you can make your selection based on how much you like the pattern. Swix ski poles in bright colors let you make a statement on the slopes; Line's poles tend to have a hip flair; and Rossignol and Salomon offer classic styles to suit any skier.

Ski poles for expert skiers

Advanced skiers tend to use longer ski poles while on more challenging. The weight, grip, and basket also become more important. At Bob's Sports Chalet, we welcome both beginners and advanced skiers, so if you're looking for something specific, want to ski a particular type of run, or have particular needs, simply let us know. We have a good selection of expert poles from brands including Rossignol, Salomon, Line, and Swix ski poles.

Our lightest ski poles weigh less than a can of soda and we offer a wide variety of grip and basket types. We even carry Line ski poles with easy to change baskets, which you can switch without tools, in short lengths for freestyle skiing. Swix ski poles are among some of our lightest ski poles, made from high-tech materials with excellent grips.

If you’re looking for downhill ski deals we’re stocked with twin tipped skis like the Line Chronic skis and Armada skis. For the younger kids, we have junior skis and for the adults we have men's and womens ski boots to fit any foot shape. For the diehard skier we recommend looking at Volkl skis or If you like cruising groomers a pair of K2 skis may be more your speed. Try Blizzard skis or Nordica skis if you want something to slay powder. Stay protected with POC ski helmets and goggles.

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