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Twin tipped skis are simply skis with lifted tips at both ends. While all skis have curved tips at the front, allowing them to glide smoothly, twin tipped skis have them at the back, too. Freestyle skis have twin tips for landing elaborate jumps backwards, as well as maintaining a balanced swing weight while performing tight twists and turns. Freestyle skis aren't the only twin tipped skis. A lot of big mountain skis, such as all mountain < ahref="">Blizzard skis and powder skis from Rossignol skis and Salomon, also feature twin tips. This gives the skier better control and improved performance in deep powder. Interestingly enough, Line Skis only produces twin tipped skis for both all mountain and park disciplines.

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Why use twin tipped skis?

The critical advantage of twin tipped skis over standard skis is the ability to ski backwards and have your skis react as though you were going forwards. This makes an enormous difference to even an amateur park skier’s ability to land a jump backwards and can also help with other tricks, such as spins. It's significantly easier to master a 180 if you can land it easily. High quality freestyle skis are now available to all skiers, thanks to innovative ski manufacturers. Many professional freestylers have designed and use skis which are available to buy in our store; including the Line Chronic skis and various products from Armada skis.

Twin Tip skis for advanced skiers

Even if you're not looking to ski the terrain park, twin tipped skis can still be a great investment. Skiing backwards has many uses in ordinary life, for example, if you're filming a friend falling over up the trail or teaching a child to ski.

Used to improve the performance of high end skis, twin tipped skis are typically more flexible. When you add in the ease of reversing, they are well suited to making narrow off-trail tracks and for forest trails away from the groomed slopes. They are usually offered without bindings, allowing the skier to position the bindings and thus their center of mass wherever best suits their skiing style and needs.

Why aren't all skis twin tipped skis?

If you've tried twin tipped skis, or even if you've just read the rest of this article, you may be wondering why all skis don't have tips at both ends. Skiers looking for high performance from their gear will choose the best tool for the job, and that's not always twin tipped skis. For ordinary use, they're out of favor as they can be harder to learn on because it's easier to slide backwards. The lifted back edge of the ski is also notorious for spraying bits of loose snow up into the air, often into the face of anyone skiing close behind you. When you're off the trails, this is rarely a problem, but on busy groomed trails it gets more noticeable. As the people who are skiing closest to you are often the people you're skiing with, it's worth being aware of what your twin tipped skis are doing behind your back!

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