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Home brands salomon equipment bindings ski bindings salomon n stage gripwalk11 ski bindings 2023
 Salomon N Stage Gripwalk11 Ski Bindings 2023
 Salomon N Stage Gripwalk11 Ski Bindings 2023

Salomon N Stage GripWalk11 Ski Bindings 2023

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Without sacrificing performance or safety, the STAGE GW 11 is the lightest DIN 11 flat binding on the market. The user-friendly interface makes stepping into the binding a breeze, and the lightweight body is agile and easy to pilot in varying, all-mountain conditions.

Alpine terrain: ALL MOUNTAIN

Level of practice: INTERMEDIATE


At 860gm/binding, the STAGE GW 11 is the lightest DIN11 flat binding on the market. Even in varying conditions, it is agile and easy to drive.

Shorter mounting plates let the natural flex and the feel of the ski come through. Power is quickly transmitted from boot, to binding, to ski for a smooth, controlled ride.

The STAGE 11 offers a lower step-in threshold, making the binding easier to get into for lightweight skiers and in tricky powder conditions. All, without sacrificing safety.

Salomon N Stage GripWalk11 Ski Bindings 2023 Features & Specifications:

  • Wide Toe Pedal (50>60mm): Guaranteed power transmission thanks to a wide pedal that allows a great contact zone with the boot.
  • BackRollers technology: The heel features dedicated micro-wheels for an easy and comfortable step-in and out of the binding.
  • Automatic Toe Height adjustment: Elastic toe base allowing automatic toe height adjustment with new and worn boot soles.
  • Automatic Wing & Toe adjustment: No adjustments needed to adapt the wings and toe-height to your boots. Just step-in and ski!
  • DIN lateral markings: Markings in the direction of reading for a fast adjustment.
  • Gripwalk boots compatibility: Thanks to the Walk Pedal, the bindings is automatically compatible with all Alpine and GripWalk boots.
  • DIN screw multi tools: A screw designed to be compatible with all types of screwdrivers for fast adjustments.
  • Glass-Fiber PA: A dedicated polyamide reinforced with fiber-glass which makes bindings lighter, durable, and with more tolerance on skis.
  • Alpine - Adult: Compatible with standard Alpine Adult (A-norm) boots only.
  • Gripwalk - Adult: GripWalk bindings automatically adjust to both Alpine and GripWalk boots, so you can enjoy walking comfort without compromising power transmission and precise binding release.
  • TÜV: Binding tested and certified by the TÜV safety monitoring agency, the reference entity for safety certification.
  • Adjustment range: 30 mm
  • Adjustement range: 3.5 US sizes
  • Din Scale: 3,5-11
  • Height: 18.1
  • Skier weight: 36-110 kg
  • Skier weight: 79-242 lbs
  • Weight: 860 in g / 1/2 pair
  • Norm: Gripwalk

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