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Fox River Socks

Fox River is a leading United States manufacturer of outdoor, sport, and lifestyle performance socks since 1900. Fox River is a privately-owned and operated hosiery mill in Osage, Iowa, and has been making socks in the U.S.A. since Day 1 with U.S. and imported yarn, as they are committed to remaining American-made.

Fox River is known for its committment to innovative sock construction and continuous attention to trends in the marketplace. You may have heard of their signature Wick Dry moisture management technology that they introduced in 1985 to keep feet dry and prevent hot spots and blisters.

Fox River is also doing their part to help the environment. Did you know their methods to re-use air and water within their mill has saved nearyl 27 million gallons of water over the last 4 years? They also recycle more than 400,000 pounds (over 200 tons) of materials, is WRAP certified, converted energy efficient lighting to reduce 35% in energy consumption, and their organic shrink treatment uses fewer chemicals than many others. In their own words, "We do all this not just because it makes sense from an efficiency stand point, but also because it's the right thing to do for our employees and community."

We know you'll love these high quality merino wool socks.

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