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Rollerblade aims to inspire and motivate people to take part in the graceful, flowing uniqueness of skating as a sport. They believe there is a deep satisfaction in feeling of movement under your own power, on your own time, in your own style. Rollerblade wants you to imagine a world changed by skates for healthier people, stronger communities, less congestion, less pollution, and to enjoy a deeper interaction with physical life. It's a lofty goal, but this company was made by and for skaters, and they take pride in producing high quality skates and gear.

Just look at their history! In 1980, two hockey-playing Minnesota brothers discovered an in-line skate while rummaging through a sporting goods store and decided that this design would make an ideal off-season hockey-training tool. They refined the skate and began assembling the first Rollerblade skates in the basement of their parents' home. It was that same year they founded the company Rollerblade. The in-line skates expanded from avid hocky players to skiers who were quick to adopt into their training regimens. It only made sense to promote in-line skating as its own sport in the mid-80's, which advanced into the new trend of aggressive skating. The 90's were filled with further expansion of the market and industry, which was spurred by great strides in skate technology. Through the years, Rollerblade has achieved several industry firsts, such as the use of polyurethane boots and wheels, metal frames, dual bearings, and heel brakes, such as their revolutionary ABT brake.

Rollerblade's continuous innovations has and will continue to make skating more accessible to people of all ages and athletic ability. Want to join in on the fun? Browse a few skates online or in-store at Bob's today.

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