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Mad Bomber

Let's address the elephant in the room - what does the Mad Bomber mean? Originally, The Mad Bomber was a nickname given to the company's CEO during his ski-jumping years in the 1980's long before bomber had any connotations to popular culture. To their CEO, it represents someone who lives on the edge, is innovative, enjoys a challenge, but gives back to their community.

Their products, especially their hats, are here to keep those thrill-seekers warm. Their unique outerwear products are fun and fashion-forward, but also designed to keep you cozy with a combination of natural resources and innovative, high-tech fabrics.

Mad Bomber supports local farmers and environmentally-friendly practices whenever they can, relying on materials like pesticide-free hemp, organic cloth and cottons, and vegetable or soy-based dyes. Don't forget their recycled fabrics and products too! This is important for a multi-national company with partners across the United States, Europe, and China, where their factories in China and Ukraine promote the spirit of understanding and entrepreneurial self-reliance in their thousands of self-employed workers. Mad Bomber is also committed to making high quality products, which is why they were the first to introduce internationally-recognized quality control standards.

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