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Bent Metal Binding Works

Bent Metal Binding Works is a company that specializes in producing snowboard bindings. Founded by snowboarding legends Peter Saari and Jamie Lynn, Bent Metal has gained a reputation for its innovative bindings designed to enhance performance and comfort for snowboarders of all levels.

Bent Metal bindings are known for their high-quality construction, durability, and customizable features. The company offers a range of bindings suited for various riding styles, whether it's freestyle, all-mountain, or backcountry riding.

Their bindings often incorporate advanced materials and technologies to provide optimal response, control, and support while riding. Additionally, Bent Metal bindings are designed to be compatible with a wide range of snowboard boot brands and models.

Overall, Bent Metal Snowboard Co. is a respected name in the snowboarding industry, trusted by riders around the world for its commitment to quality and performance.

The last thing any serious snowboarder wants is for their gear to give out first, which Bent Metal knows all too well. In their own words, "The Bent Metal Binding Works Team is a no nonsense squad of snowboarding powerhouses, who demand the highest performance out of their snowboard bindings." This collective of engineers, designers, and daredevil snowboarders are dedicated to bringing to life the world's best bindings. If you want more from your snowboarding gear, try out these bindings yourself.

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