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Home brands icelantic skis icelantic riveter 95 skis women's 2021
 Icelantic Riveter 95 Skis Women's 2021
 Icelantic Riveter 95 Skis Women's 2021

Icelantic Riveter 95 Skis Women's 2021


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The Riveter 95's tapered shape with tip and tail rocker combined with 5mm of camber underfoot creates a ski that excels all over the mountain. The Riveter all-mountain collection was designed to provide skis that could serve as a true one-ski quiver—At 95mm underfoot, the Riveter 95 is an excellent choice for the whole mountain and provides stability whether in the trees, bumps, or groomers. If you are a woman looking for a ski that is versatile enough to handle any condition that the mountain provides, the Riveter is the ski for you!

Icelantic Riveter 95 Skis Women's 2021 Features & Specifications:
  • Profile + Camber: Rocker|Camber|Rocker
  • ALL MTN: 3/3
  • FREERIDE: 2/3
  • BIG MTN: 2/3
  • CARVE: 3/3
  • POWDER: 2/3
  • PARK: 2/3

Length 155cm 162cm 169cm
Width 95mm 95mm 95mm
Profile 130-95-117mm 130-95-117mm 130-95-117mm
Radius 13mm 14.5mm 16mm
Weight 3,016g 3,175g 3,311g
Tip Rocker 31cm 31cm 31cm
Camber 5mm 5mm 5mm
Tail Rocker 21cm 21cm 21cm

Behind the Art: The All-Mountain Collection keeps with a classic wood aesthetic throughout the entire line. The Pioneers + Riveters illustrate steep & deep mountains on top of wood (steep on the Pioneers and deep on the Riveters).

Athlete Testimonial: "This ski was a perfect one-ski quiver for the Western Ski Resort. When going on a ski trip I might have to wonder about which ski/s to bring. How heavy is my bag if I bring too many? How much space is in the rocket box? Why worry though when you can just bring this one! It carves on groomers; it blowed through "powder/packed-powder" chunder muffins; it rallied down steep back bowls; it hugged tight turns in the trees." — Erin Young, Icelantic Athlete

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