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 Burton Free Thinker Snowboard Men's 2023
 Burton Free Thinker Snowboard Men's 2023

Burton Free Thinker Snowboard Men's 2023

Item#: 132191-W23

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Expand your perspective with Danny Davis' take on poppy performance to energize side hits and park laps.

The men's Burton Free Thinker Snowboard is a true twin spin on Danny Davis' go-to, built for hot laps in the park, pipe, or mobbing side hits across the mountain. The unique true twin shape opens up the possibilities for creative expression in any direction, while the control of camber keeps it quick and poppy. 45° Carbon Highlights deliver snap without the stiff side effects. Throwback graphics top it off, adding a touch of Burton's early 90s roots to an already iconic model.

Burton Free Thinker Snowboard Men's 2023 Features & Descriptions:

  • Twin Shape is perfectly symmetrical for a balanced ride so you can spin and stomp with outstanding stability whether you're riding regular or switch
  • A Camber Bend advocates powerful turns and poppy precision, offering snappy suspension with weight distributed evenly across the entire board for smooth, continuous edge control from tip to tail
  • Twin Flex is perfectly symmetrical from tip to tail for a balanced ride that's equally versatile regular or switch
  • Super Fly II 700G Core uses stronger and lighter wood to provide pop and strength while reducing overall weight
  • Dualzone EGD engineered wood grain is positioned along the toe and heel edges on two continuous zones perpendicular to the core for more edge-hold, response, and strength
  • 45° Carbon Highlights Fiberglass build optimizes each layer of the fiberglass matrix and adds a full tip-to-tail carbon layer to reduce weight and fine-tune torsional feel
  • WFO Base infuses specially formulated wax deep into the pores of the extra-absorbent, high-density sintered material making it ultra-durable for riding all season in any condition
  • The Channel® Board Mount is designed to help dial in the perfect stance and is compatible with all major bindings
  • Frostbite edges; Super Sap® epoxy; Pro-Tip; Infinite Ride


  • Warranty: 3-YEAR WARRANTY All 2014 and newer Burton snowboards with The Channel mounting system (such as the one you are looking at here) are backed by a three-year warranty from date of purchase.

Size Chart

Board Size 150 154 157 160 157W 160W
Weight Range 120-180 lbs. / 54-82kg 120-180 lbs. / 54-82kg 150-200 lbs. / 68-91kg 180-260 lbs.+ / 82-118kg+ 150-200 lbs. / 68-91kg 180-260 lbs.+ / 82-118kg+
Waist Width 246mm 248mm 252mm 255mm 260mm 263mm
Stance Location 0 0 0 0 0 0
Binding Sizes S/M M M/L L L L
Running Length 1080mm 1120mm 1150mm 1180mm 1150mm 1180mm
Sidecut Radius 7.0m 7.3m 7.5m 7.7m 7.5m 7.7m
Sidecut Depth 20.8mm 21.6mm 22.2mm 22.7mm 22.2mm 22.7mm
Stance Width 530mm 530mm 560mm 560mm 560mm 560mm
Nose Width 287.6mm 291.1mm 296.3mm 300.4mm 304.3mm 308.4mm
Tail Width 287.6mm 291.1mm 296.3mm 300.4mm 304.3mm 308.4mm
Effective Edge 1125mm 1165mm 1195mm 1225mm 1195mm 1225mm

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