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See the mountain in new light when you wear a pair of Smith goggles. Designed to give you the clearest vision possible, Smith goggles fully integrate with Smith helmets while providing you with a comfortable fit and high performance. Smith goggles solve problems such as fogging, smudging, field of view and changing light conditions to create a high quality goggle that lets you focus on fun and not eye strain.

Smith goggles give you a full field of view. Choose a spherical lens with a frameless design, such as the Smith I/OX goggle to give you the best peripheral vision and overall highest optical clarity or check out a cylindrical shaped lens, such as the Smith Squad goggle, for a more classic look. Both lenses are made with Carbonic X which creates an impact and scratch resistant outer lens, increases sharpness of vision and improves sensitivity to contrasts which helps you to see where snow might have piled up on a run and reduces the risk of surprises. All spherical lenses and some cylindrical lenses also use Tapered Lens Technology to reduce light refraction by tapering the lens from the optical center to the sides.


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Smith Goggles also incorporate Hydrophobic Lens Coatings on mirrored lenses to repel moisture, grease and grime allowing water to bead up and making it easy to wipe away fingerprint smudges. Porex filters allow air pressure within the sealed lenses to equalize with the outside to improve optics and reduce distortion.
All Fogged Up
Fog can be a big problem for skiers and riders and it’s not only annoying but it is dangerous too. Smith goggles use several different strategies to reduce the likelihood of fog buildup. First, spherical lenses are less likely to get foggy than cylindrical lenses. Second, ventilation techniques make sure that air is whisking moist, warm air out of the goggles. Turbo Fan uses a micro-electronic exhaust fan for superior anti-fog that works particularly well for those who wear prescription eye wear and face double the risk of fogging. Regulator ventilation can be opened or closed depending on what the conditions call for and Airflow passive ventilation uses a semi-porous foam filter at the brow of the goggle to let air escape. All Smith goggles integrate into the Smith helmet Airevac system to pull fog-inducing air out of the goggles.
Anti-fog technology starts with a base design, but is completed with anti-fog coatings. Smith’s FOG X is a hydrophilic, micro-etched surface that absorbs moisture and disperses it over a wide surface area to reduce fogging. The coating is physically carved into the lens which means that it can’t be easily wiped away like other fog coatings! For the best fog resistance, Smith’s micro-etched, hydrophilic 5X Anti-Fog treatment was able to withstand fogging for 120 seconds compared to the 30 to 50 seconds from the standard anti-fog coatings.
Smith Goggles have three different lens designs. At the baseline, two lenses are bonded together with spacer foam. On the next level, the spacer foam is combined with the Porex Filter to give you better optical clarity as you ascend the mountain. At the top of the line, Smith’s patented Vaporator Seal and Porex filter is permanently bonds the two lenses together allowing the lenses to breath without moisture entering giving you the clearest, most fog resistant lenses possible.
Change is Easy
Smith Goggles with interchangeable lenses such as the Smith I/O7 goggle and Smith I/OX goggle, give you the versatility you need for variable weather conditions. Smith goggles with the frameless design make it especially quick and easy to change out lenses from high light to low light so if the clouds start to break while you are on the lift, you’ll be ready for the blue bird day by the top. Check out Sol X lenses for bright, blue-bird days and Sensor Mirror lenses for stormy days with a variety of tints available for medium light conditions too!

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