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Smith I/O Goggles

The Smith I/O goggle family includes four different styles: the Smith I/O, the Smith I/O7, the Smith I/OX and the Smith I/OS. What binds this family together is the ability to easily change out lenses to suit the weather conditions. High light on blue bird days requires a much different kind of lens than what you need on stormy days and flat light conditions.  Instead of having to carry around two or more pairs of goggles just in case, Smith designed an interlocking system on their goggles that is so quick and easy that you can switch out the lenses before you get to the top of the chair lift. The Smith I/O goggle series offers Chromapop spherical lens for the best field of view and fog resistance possible. Chromapop lenses block out 100% UV rays while combined with 5X anti-fog treatment and TLT lens technology you get clarity of vision that allows you to push yourself faster and further than before. Three layer face foam wicks moisture away from your skin gives you a comfortable goggle that you can wear all day long so you can keep going, run after run. 

Smith I/O Mag XL Snow Goggles
Smith I/O Mag XL Snow Goggles

2 Colors Available

Smith I/O Mag S Snow Goggles
Smith I/O Mag S Snow Goggles

3 Colors Available

$250.00 - $300.00
Smith I/O Mag Snow Goggles
Smith I/O Mag Snow Goggles

4 Colors Available

$250.00 - $270.00
Smith I/O Goggles
Smith I/O Goggles

1 Color Available


The Smith I/O goggles share a lot in high performance, but they also have some differences that make each one unique.


Smith I/O goggles were the original answer to quick-changing lens technology. This medium fit lens uses quick release technology to change out the lenses with a single-jointed outrigger system. The Responsive Fit frame design gives you even more comfort.
Smith I/O7 goggles are also medium fit and have a Responsive Fit frame design. However, these goggles use a single pivot quick release changing system to make it even faster to switch out lenses while a dual-axis outrigger system provides more flexibility.
Smith I/OX goggles are compatible with prescription eyeglasses and the larger lens design means that they can fit over a wide range of sizes and styles. Smith I/OX goggles use the standard quick release system found on the original Smith I/O goggles and has a rotating outrigger position system.
Smith I/O Mag goggles are the newest in the line of Smith I/O goggles.  This medium-frame Smith goggle features dual side locking mechanisms and 8 magnetic points of contact around the frame to the goggle lens, making lens switching the easiest of all the I/O goggles.

Smith I/OS goggles have the smallest frames in the family and are great for petite faces. Like the Smith I/OX goggles, the Smith I/OS goggles use the standard quick release and have a rotating outrigger position system.

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