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Smith Virtue Goggles

Smith Virtue goggles have a smaller fit that doesn’t compromise on field of view. The spherical Carbonic X lenses are tough and offer great peripheral vision. See the mountains as they were meant to be seen with Tapered Lens Technology, a Porex filter and Fog X anti-fog treatment keeping your lenses as clear as possible all day long. Triple layer DriWix face foam wicks moisture away from your face and keeps you feeling comfortable as you plow through powder and dip into the glades. The Quick Fit Strap makes it easy to adjust your Smith Virtue goggles and to remove them at the end of the day. Each pair includes a microfiber bag to keep them clean and protected so you can enjoy the chic style for ski seasons to come.

Smith Virtue Goggles Women's
Smith Virtue Goggles Women's

4 Colors Available

$140.00 $126.00

Smith Goggle Technology


Tapered Lens Technology (TLT) reduces refractions and straightens out incoming light by tapering the lens from the optical center to the sides giving you accurate and clear vision.
Fog X is micro-etched into the surface of the lens to prevent being wiped away like traditional anti-fog coatings. The hydrophilic nature of Fog X absorbs moisture and disperses it over a wide surface area to resist the likelihood of fogging.
The Porex filter allows air pressure within the sealed lens chamber to equalize as you gain elevation which improves optical clarity and acuity.

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