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Today’s riders are going faster than ever and Smith helmets have integrated technology that provides the best protection possible for today’s modern skier and snowboarder. With sleek designs and color options, Smith helmets look great, feel comfortable and offer excellent impact protection in any scenario for every rider. From Smith’s Airevac system to reduce goggle fogging, to Aerocore Construction to MIPS technology, Smith helmets combines a variety of features to give you the performance and functionality you need on the slopes.

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No More Gaper Gap
Smith uses Precise Fit that gives you a perfect fit with your Smith goggles to eliminate “gaper gap” and give you a stream-lined, put-together look. Smith Goggles align with Smith helmets for the Airevac system which increases the airflow through the goggles, removes warm, damp air and reduces fogging. Airevac sucks air out of the exhaust at the top of the goggles into the helmet and drives that air away from the goggle through the internal airflow channels and exits at the rear of your Smith helmet at the farthest point from your goggles.
Smith Helmet Impact Protection
Smith helmets don’t just protect you in high speed impacts, they are also designed for low speed impacts, rotational impacts and multiple impacts. Smith helmets are made with either lightweight in-mold construction, heavy duty bombshell material from injection molded ABS, or a combination of the two for a hybrid helmet that balances ultimate protection with weight consciousness. 
Aerocore construction technology simultaneously increases the airflow and impact protection of your Smith helmet. The EPS/Koroyd cylinders provide more ventilation while also providing an impact surface that absorbs impacts and reduces the severity of trauma in an impact. 
Look for Smith Helmets with MIPS technology for even better protection, especially in angled impacts that would cause rotation of the skull in traditional helmet designs. The MIPS layer in the Smith Helmet reduces the movement of your head while the helmet rotates and absorbs the impact instead. MIPS, or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, has been proven to reduce trauma to the brain in impacts.
Smith Helmet Comfort Standard
Protection is high priority with Smith helmets, but comfort is not far behind. Smith helmets use regulator venting systems that allow you to adjust how much airflow you are getting through the helmet. On mild days or days when you are going hard you can open up the vents and let heat and moisture escape or close the vents on cold days to keep the warmth in. This easy switch system keeps you comfortable so you can stay out playing in the snow for longer.
Smith helmets fit as perfectly as a glass slipper on Cinderella using custom adjustments with either the Boa system, the Dial Fit System (DFS) or the Lifestyle Fit System (LFS). The Lifestyle Fit System incorporates stretchy elastics in the back of the helmet to fit securely on your head while the Dial Fit System uses a tuning knob to tighten down comfortably. The Smith X Boa system adjusts the back of the helmet to your head size while the Boa FS360 system takes it up a notch to fine tune both at the back and at the sides for the highest level of comfort and protection.

Our Favorite Smith Helmets
The Smith Vantage Helmet has a hybrid shell with heavy duty bombshell material in the front and light weight in-mold construction in the back to give you protection that doesn’t weigh you down. The Koroyd Aerocore construction increases ventilation without compromising the integrity of the helmet. Adjust how much airflow you are getting with dual regulator vents that can easily open and close for the conditions you are in. The Smith Vantage helmet is top of the line in comfort and protection.
The Smith Variance Helmet also has a hybrid shell construction along with 18 vents that can be opened or closed with the Regulator switch. Nanosilver technology is anti-microbial to keep you helmet smelling fresh even after a hard hitting day on the slopes while Airevac 2 ventilation draws warm moist air away from your goggles to reduce fogging.
The Smith Maze Helmet has a lightweight in-mold construction and nine vents. Airflow ventilation keeps you comfortable while the Lifestyle Fit System keeps you feeling comfortably secure as you bomb your way down the mountain.

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