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Oakley sunglasses combine high style with high performance. Your eyes are one of the most important organs on your body and they deserve to be protected the best eyewear technology available. Oakley sunglasses have High Definition Optics to give you truer, more accurate vision that isn’t distorted by refraction and magnification. All of Oakley sunglasses meet or exceed the American National Standards Institute tests for clarity, refractive power and prism distortion.

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HD Polarized Oakley sunglasses stand out from the crowd by providing the highest clarity vision possible. Only one lens is used to filter out glare and both lenses on your pair of Oakley sunglasses are made at the same time to perfectly align the center axis of polarization. While other polarized sunglasses are made by gluing several lenses together and are made at separate times, Oakley sunglasses reduce fatigue, distractions and tension caused by imperfections and distortions. Oakley sunglasses are also tested for high velocity and high mass impacts ensuring that they are safe in every scenario. Durable Oakley Plutonite lens material filters 100% of UV rays so your eyes are protected from the sun’s harmful invisible spectrum, even on cloudy days.


Our Favorite Oakley Sunglasses
The Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL sunglasses have a sporty half frame design that will have you crushing your competition. These Oakley sunglasses stay put during high energy activities and block out distractions caused by glare and distortions in the lenses. The only thing clearer than your surroundings will be the podium at the end of the game.
The Oakley Sliver sunglasses have PRIZM technology which adjusts light filtering for different sports and activities. These Oakley sunglasses have a sleek classic design and filter out 100% UV rays. Enjoy wearing your Oakley Sliver sunglasses whether you are out on the golf course, taking a fishing trip or going on a long bike ride through the countryside.

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