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Remove “Soggy” From Your Vocabulary 

The North Face Gore Tex collection is something special. When you combine a leader in outdoor active wear with the industry’s highest performing waterproof and windproof protection you get outerwear and footwear that stand up to the most extreme elements year after year.
Gore Tex North Face jackets and North Face boots work with a waterproof membrane containing tiny pores that let perspiration evaporate out while water droplets from rain, sleet and snow bead up and slide off.  
Whether you are running on the trail during a rainstorm, making turns on the slopes through a blizzard or dodging puddles on the sidewalk, a North Face jacket or North Face boot, with the superior performance of Gore Tex, will keep you dry and comfortable. 
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Options for Every Element

Gore Tex North Face jackets are available in three different levels to give you the ultimate balance of breathability and weather protection. From Gore Tex Paclite for the weight and space conscious- to Gore Tex Performance for the active day out- to Gore Tex Pro for extended time in extreme conditions, each North Face Gore Tex jacket will keep you from getting waterlogged.
Gore Tex North Face boots tout a variety of styles and weights to match your activity. From light weight trail runners that suit both indoor and outdoor use to heavy duty hiking boots for those rough, technical trails, a Gore Tex North Face boot matches comfort and stability with unbeatable moisture management.

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