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Burton Snowboards have been the frontline of technology since they began making boards in 1977. Originally Inspired by the Snurfer of the 60s, John Burton Carpenter set out to make snowboarding into the world-class sport it is today. Burton snowboards are designed for the type of terrain you like to hit so you can float over powder, cut into hard pack or catch sweet air in the park like a pro. Check out Burton’s specially made designs for women’s snowboards and kids’ snowboards that let everyone feel the magic of riding a Burton snowboard too.

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Burton Tech

Flying V and Squeezebox technologies changed the shape of Burton snowboards forever. A cross between the traditional rocker and camber models, Burton Flying V boards have camber underneath the bindings for extra grip and rocker in the middle, tip and tail for better float and relaxed turns. Burton Squeezebox adds additional flex zones that are stiffer that Burton Flying V for an even poppier feel.


Burton snowboards with frostbite edges increase grip and hard surfaces with edges that extend out under the bindings, giving the board a serrated knife look. Pro-tip technology tapers the tip and tail to reduce weight and help you send it over rollers and full out jumps while Scoop technology exaggerates upturned edges on the tip and tail to reduce the likelihood of catching an edge.
The most innovative technology from Burton Snowboards is The Channel snowboard binding attachment system which allows you to fully customize the position of your feet on the board with ease- it’s even simple enough for on mountain adjustments without worrying about losing screws in the snow! Lock any Burton Binding or other brand’s binding into the system and you can change the angle of your feet and the width of your stance in the blink of an eye. The Burton Channel will have you flying down the mountain and pulling tricks in the park with the perfect stance.
Don't forget to add Burton bindings with your snowboard purchase, as none of our snowboards come with bindings.  Please make sure to read the fine print of each Burton snowboard, as many of them are only compatable with certain bindings. 
Our Favorite Burton Snowboards
The Burton Clash is an awesome board for beginner’s who want to progress quickly up to the next level. The flat top design makes for a stable and relaxed ride and this soft, playful board will have you connecting turns and catching your first bit of air in no time.
The Burton Process is lightweight and has progression-charged pop for both free-style and big mountain riding. The FSC Certified Super Fly II Core uses strong and light woods in specific areas to provide pop and strength where it is needed most. The Squeezebox shape with frostbite edges and Scoop grip well and have excellent turning while Pro-Tip reduces the weight of the board even more. Picked by pros like Mark McMorris, the Burton Process is an excellent board to get snappy ollies and all-mountain stability.
The Burton Custom has evolved in design over more than 20 years since its first debut in 1996. This popular Burton snowboard is offered in both camber and Flying V stylings and uses squeezebox, frostbite edges and pro-tip to give you the ultimate ride down the mountain. Check out the Burton Custom Smalls snowboard for pint-sized rippers taking to the slopes.


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