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 Zeal Optics Beacon Snow Goggles
 Zeal Optics Beacon Snow Goggles

Zeal Optics Beacon Snow Goggles


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Observation Deck Technology Ski & Snowboard Goggles

The science and physics of winter inspire everything Zeal Optics does, forming our perspective. Meet the Beacon, the first goggle to feature our groundbreaking Observation Deck Technology (ODT). Created with a tilted cylindrical lens that allows you to see every inch of the line below you while eliminating glare. Get ready to change your perspective on winter forever.

Zeal Optics Beacon Snow Goggles Features & Specifications:

  • Fit: Medium
  • Photochromic Lens Option: Never change your lens again with our photochromic Automatic lenses. The future awaits: One Lens, Any Condition.
  • Molecular Mirror Option: Our mirrored lenses offer a glare-reducing element at the molecular level as well as a unique look to help define your style. No matter what the condition, we have the lens for you.
  • Polarized Lens Option: We build goggle lenses using the most premium polarized film in the world. Sourced in Japan and layered in an injected lens stack, this is truly the best lens available today. Polarization plays a huge role in keeping your eyes comfortable by reducing glare reflected off objects around you.
  • Cylindrical Polycarbonate Lens: Our cylindrical polycarbonate lens is flatter and has a lower profile than our spherical lens. The lens curves horizontally while remaining flat vertically allowing for a closer fit. It is digitally optically tapered in thickness to reduce distortion and provide similar optics to a spherical lens.
  • 100% UV Protection: Our developments in UV protection are driven by the vulnerability of our eyes to the harmful rays of the light spectrum. Ellume Polarized's enhanced filters are designed to protect against these harmful rays-including all UVA/B/C light-and protect your eyes for a lifetime of adventure.
  • Permashield Hardcoat: Our lenses are equipped with the toughest hard coat around to battle scratches and scuffs.
  • Dual Strap Adjustment: Comfort and adjustability are key components to fit. Zeal's Dual Strap system allows you to find the perfect placement for your ideal goggle position.
  • Helmet Compatible: Skiing and snowboarding are life-long passions and we want to help keep the adventures coming! That's why all of our goggles are designed for compatibility with a wide range of helmets, including those built for mountain biking and motocross.
  • Over The Glass Ready: We believe you should never sacrifice performance for style. The same is true if you wear glasses while riding. We crafted the most influential OTG to date, with style and performance built into one functional piece.
  • High Density Lens Technology: We know it gets rough out there, and our lenses stand up to the harshest of conditions, no matter what the season brings.
  • Triple-Layer Face Foam: Uber-soft micro-fleece greets your face, as two layers of increasingly dense padding lets you focus on winter fun, while we worry about a fog and wind-free goggle fit.
  • Everclear Anti-Fog: All Zeal lenses go through a state-of-the-art infusion to ensure your vision is never compromised. Anti-Fog molecules are permanently infused into the lens material so Zeal goggles last longer against the elements. You can't wipe it off - even if you try!
  • Dual Lens Construction: Our dual lens provides a temperature barrier between the inner and outer lens to prevent condensation.
  • No Slip Grip: A double beading layer of silicon coats each and every ZEAL goggle strap to ensure that beanie or helmet, your goggle will stay exactly where you place it.
  • Impact Resistant Frame: We know it gets rough out there, and our lenses stand up to the harshest of conditions, no matter what the season brings.
  • Observation Deck Technology: Based on the physics behind structures like air traffic control towers, Observation Deck Technology (ODT) is the first goggle system that replicates the eagle's eye view of the mountains. Designed so the bottom of the frame sits much closer to your face, creating an angled lens that increases vertical peripheral by 20% and blocks direct incoming light, giving you zero reflection on your inner lens.
  • Upper Lower Venting: Upper and lower venting and wickingfabrics regulate interior airflow and ensurefogging is kept at bay.

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