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Tecnica Cochise 110 Men's Ski Boots

Item#: TEC1009


Availability : In-Stock


Description: The Cochise 110 expands on the Cochise collection offering the full package in a 110 flex offering a little more forgiveness. Redefining the meaning of all mountain boots, the Cochise 110 will do anything from hiking into the side country to walking through the parking lot with it's long range hike mode. Lock it into ski mode and it performs like a traditional 4 buckle boot, charging any terrain you throw at it. The solid Power Lock Buckle closure system enhances the performance. Interchangeable soles allow you to change from a DIN to a Tech Compatible sole (Tech soles available for purchase.) Technology:   Finally! A low volume, performance shell that is easy to get on and off! Powerful rebound and energy! Added traction for walking on rocky and rough surfaces! Easily switch from ski mode to hike mode and back to ski mode! Super Lightweight Shell Super secure 4 buckle-like closure in a 3 buckle boot Performance and comfort enhancing device! Velcro Spoiler A velcro rear spoiler allows you to easily adjust the spoiler for personalization. It can be moved to different positions, or removed altogether. 45mm Velcro Powerstrap with Power Lock Buckle 3 Alu Buckles Absorbs shock and vibrations! Fit Technology for ultimate performance and comfort! 9 Teeth Cuff Catch with Hike Position Offers better pressure distribution and easy entry and exit! Neoprene Toe Box

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