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Home brands salomon equipment bindings ski bindings salomon n z10 ski bindings 2023
 Salomon N Z10 Ski Bindings 2023
 Salomon N Z10 Ski Bindings 2023

Salomon N Z10 Ski Bindings 2023

Item#: B0628


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Z10 gives you one less thing to worry about on the mountain. Its proven performance and reliability are second only to its convenience. So kick the snow off your boot and step into a Z10, then confidently ski the whole resort.

Alpine terrain: ON-PISTE | ALL MOUNTAIN

Level of practice: INTERMEDIATE


Proven Salomon transmission and reliability.

Simple, tool-free use and proven Salomon performance.

Terrain feedback
A low profile chassis puts the boot sole close to the ski for improved snow feel and terrain feedback.

Salomon N Z10 Ski Bindings 2023 Features & Specifications:

  • Wide Toe Pedal (50>60mm): Guaranteed power transmission thanks to a wide pedal that allows a great contact zone with the boot.
  • XL Wings: Long wings that envelop the tip of the boot perfectly in order to provide increased power transmission and confidence in freeride bindings.
  • Automatic Wing & Toe adjustment: No adjustments needed to adapt the wings and toe-height to your boots. Just step-in and ski!
  • Low profile Chassis: Low stand height for increased terrain feedback and enhanced power transmission.
  • Sliding Toe pedal: A specific pedal mounted on a spring that allows lateral movements and re-centering. It allows any normed boot to release out of the binding in case of a lateral fall.
  • Automatic Toe Height adjustment: Elastic toe base allowing automatic toe height adjustment with new and worn boot soles.
  • Glass-Fiber PA: A dedicated polyamide reinforced with fiber-glass which makes bindings lighter, durable, and with more tolerance on skis.
  • Alpine - Adult: Compatible with standard Alpine Adult (A-norm) boots only.
  • TÜV: Binding tested and certified by the TÜV safety monitoring agency, the reference entity for safety certification.
  • Adjustment range: 28 mm
  • Adjustement range: 3.5 US sizes
  • Din Scale: 3-10
  • Height: 12.9
  • Skier weight: 31-100 kg
  • Skier weight: 66-220 lbs
  • Weight: 970 in g / 1/2 pair
  • Norm: Alpine

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