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The days of having to weigh the pros and cons of synthetic insulation versus down are over with the North Face Thermoball technology. Thermoball is a synthetic fiber that is designed to mimic the lightweight and highly compressible features of down while still retaining its loft and warmth when wet. 
The Northface Thermoball jackets and Thermoball vests can be used as either an outer layer on mild days or a cozy mid-layer when the weather is colder. The Thermoball glove will keep your hands warm and protected even when wet snow dampens them- and a Thermoball boot will keep your feet feeling cozy and luxurious despite the elements.
The versatility of the North Face Thermoball collection doesn’t stop at its unique hybrid insulating power. A large variety of different color and style options that let you choose how you want to accentuate your personal flair. Whether you are heading to the backcountry or to the mall, the North Face Thermoball will keep you comfortable and fashionable at the same time.
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The North Face Thermoball was created through partnership with Primaloft, Inc after a failed attempt to climb Mount Meru in the Himalayas by world-renowned mountaineer Conrad Anker. The team got to work and after 6 months of testing in the materials lab, they sent it out to their athletes to get some real world feedback. What they discovered was a lightweight insulation that retained its warmth even when faced with wet conditions.
While continuous strand synthetic insulation needs a much denser concentration of material to achieve the same level of warmth as a natural down insulation, Thermoball technology mimics natural down by capturing heat within small clusters of fibers to provide more efficient insulation. The fiber clusters are smaller than down feathers and are contained in triangular baffles that trap heat while allowing the insulation to flexibly mold around the shape of the body.
With less insulation needed to provide the same amount of warmth, North Face Thermoball jackets and vests are lightweight and compressible like down but will still stay warm in variable weather conditions like a traditional synthetic material. In the end, Thermoball provides the best of both worlds to provide superior performance in all of your outdoor ventures.

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