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Disc Golf

Looking for a fun new way to spend time with your friends and family?

Disc golf is a relaxing way to get outdoors, take a stroll in the woods and engage in some friendly competition! When you get into Disc Golf, you get into an active, healthy sport that will provide just the right amount of relaxation and challenge to keep you coming back for more.


Most courses are developed in gentle, wooded terrain around local parks providing for an aesthetically pleasing experience and an opportunity to enjoy other amenities before and after playing a round. Bring the whole family out for a picnic or a dip in the pool and then see who has the best arm on the fairway!


Disc Golf is played on an 18 hole course by throwing a disc towards a basket. Your score is determined by how many throws it takes to get your disc into the basket and each hole has a predetermined “par” to aim for. This Frisbee-meets-Caddyshack sport started to grow in popularity in the nineties and new courses are being created on a regular basis.


Unlike traditional golf, which can cost hundreds of dollars for a set of golf clubs plus the hefty tee time fee, disc golf gear is inexpensive to get started and many courses can be played on for free!


Photo Courtesy of Innova Discs


       What you need to get started:

               1. A pair of comfortable sneakers to walk in

               2. A long distance driver

               3. A mid-range driver

               4. A putter or approach disc


            And that’s it!


At Bob’s Sports Chalet we carry Innovoa, Discmania and Prodigy discs in a variety of weights and sizes to match your stature and experience level. We also have specially designed bags to make it even easier to carry your discs and staff that know their way around the local courses. Come into the shop to pick out a new set of discs or upgrade your old gear.


Close to Home

You don’t need to travel far to enjoy a great day out on the disc golf course. There are a multitude of different courses to choose from in Connecticut, New England and beyond. In Bristol, CT alone there are two disc golf courses just miles from Bob’s Sports Chalet, your go-to stop for all things disc golf.


Page Park, located on 1 Dewitt Drive (less than 2 miles from Bob’s!) is a great intermediate course with well-defined fairways and a natural flow between tees. Innova DisCatcher baskets, stable concrete tees and upstanding maintenance on varied terrain make Page Park a great spot to go for a round of disc golf.


Rockwell Park, located at 238 Jacobs Street about 2.5 miles west of Bob’s Sports Chalet, was just built in 2016 and provides long, challenging lines through beautiful scenery. Twelve foot long grippy turf pads give you stability in all weather conditions and lime green Prodigy baskets catch your disc nicely on dead center putts.


Some other Disc Golf courses nearby include Panthorn Park and Camp Sloper in Southington, Wickham Park in Manchester, Lufbery Park in Wallingford and Hop Brook Disc Golf Course in Middlebury.


Photo Courtesy of Innova Discs


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