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Icelantic Saba Pro 107 Skis 2023

Item#: SABA-PRO-107-W23


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We will continue to offer the Saba Pro 107 in the 22/23 season to compliment the Saba Pro 117. With a narrower platform, the Saba Pro 107 will be quicker edge to edge, creating a more versatile ski that you can ski everyday!

The Saba Pro was designed alongside the Nia Pro—Unlike other pro models out there, our Saba + Nia have been designed as part of collaborative effort with all of our athletes from around the world. They took on full creative control with shape, flex, artwork, and construction while designing the ski of their dreams.

The Saba + Nia feature Icelantic’s Reflective Rocker profile. Reflective Rocker is a full rocker profile that mirrors the sidecut radius, creating a ski that is both playful and surfy when skiing flat, while still allowing the skier to engage the entire edge, providing the power to charge and carve the ski when needed. Designed with a long, gradual rocker profile and a balanced flex, the Saba and Nia are stiff enough to minimize chatter, while providing the skier a solid platform to stomp landings without wheeling out.

NOTE: *Base colors may vary.

Icelantic Saba Pro 107 Skis 2023 Features & Specifications:

  • Profile: Rocker
  • All Mountain: 2/3
  • Big Mountain: 1/3
  • Powder: 3/3
  • Freeride: 3/3
  • Carve: 2/3
  • Park: 1/3
Icelantic Saba Pro 107 Skis 2023 Size Chart
Length 167cm 177cm 187cm
Width 107mm
Profile 137-107-127mm
Radius 17m 20m 23m
Weight 3,658g 3,729g 3,908g
Tip Rocker Full
Camber 0mm
Tail Rocker Full

Behind The Art:

This year we are continuing to offer the Pro Collab Collection featuring the Saba Pro 107, Saba Pro 117, and Nia Pro 105. We maintained the theme of wildflowers for the Nia, highlighting the iconic sunflower. For the Saba, we continued to showcase sacred geometry combined with natural scenery. Both directions are decisions made by a collaboration between our men’s and women’s athlete teams, and artist Travis Parr.

Athlete Testimonial:

My go to ski for almost all conditions at ski resorts. They are wide enough for deep powder days and stiff for stomping big airs. They lay over nicely on groomers and smash through crud when things get a little choppy, a true all mountain ski. — Owen Leeper, Icelantic Athlete

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