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Cross Country Skis & Gear

Unlike downhill or Alpine skiing, cross country skiing is usually done on the flat. In many ways, it's like going for a hike or a run in the snow and it's a great way to explore nature, whether it's in your own neighborhood or a state park. Unlike standard snow boots, cross country skis keep you floating on the top of the snow, making it easier to move so you can travel further without getting tired. Cross country skiing is popular around the world. In Europe, it's often called Nordic skiing as the technique was developed in Scandinavia, a group of countries also known as the Nordic countries.

At Bob's Sports Chalet, we cater to cross country skiers of all abilities, from beginners to experts. We believe that this is a great sport for the whole family. Even small children can have a go and getting started is safe and easy. If you're thinking of taking cross country up, browse our online selection of cross country skis. If you have questions, give us a call or visit our store to discuss your needs with our team of experts.

Cross country skis and poles

Downhill skis glide smoothly whether you're sliding forwards or back. With your weight on one ski or both, cross country skis have a specially designed base which stops you from sliding backwards, making it easier to push yourself forward across flat terrain. Cross country skis are long and narrow, distributing the skier's weight and allowing them to float over the snow rather than sinking into it.

Cross country ski poles are important in the sport as you use them to propel yourself forward, using both your arms and legs in sync. The motion is similar to using a cross trainer or Nordic walking, both of which have their origins in cross country skiing. A properly sized cross country ski pole should come up to your armpit when held next to you.

Cross country ski boots

Cross country ski boots are shorter and lighter than downhill ski boots, and as a result are usually easier to fit. They're attached to the cross country skis only at the toe of the boot, giving the skier a full range of movement to push the skis forward. Racing skiers tend to use skating boots, which are higher and stiffer around the ankle but for most casual skiers, low cut cross country ski boots are best. These are similar to running shoes and should be comfortable throughout the day. At Bob's Sports Chalet, we stock cross country ski boots for men and women making it easy for you to find what you need in one trip.

Choosing your cross country ski equipment

There's a lot to consider when choosing cross country ski equipment. At Bob's Sports Chalet, we provide individual service and advice to each of our customers, so whether you're buying your first cross country skis or looking to replace the boots you've done a thousand trails in, we can help. We have a strong selection of cross country skis, including Rossignol skis, as well as boots and ski poles. We also offer clothing, gloves and accessories. Most beginners find that their existing downhill ski wear or winter sports wear will work well for cross country but more advanced cross country skiers often use specialty clothing to wick away sweat and moisture. It's like the difference between going for a walk and going for a run: runners usually have specialty gear but you can go for a stroll in your jeans.

We provide expert fitting advice to all our customers in store, and are committed to providing top quality equipment at affordable prices. Visit us at our store in Bristol, CT to find out more and discuss the merits of different cross country skis. We're just a short drive from Hartford and the central CT area.

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